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Summer 2016
Recording for ThaGataNegrra’s sophomore album, “P.R.O.W.L.” has recently wrapped. The latest project from ThaGataNegrra boasts eleven new songs and is set to be released later this year. The first single, “#TRUEORIGINALGATA”, will be released very soon, according to PNG Rogues Management.
Winter/Spring 2016
ThaGataNegrra will be at the Williams Center Comic Con on March 19th! For more info, click here!

Autumn 2015
UGH! I've noticed that this mini-feed has been neglected! A TONNE has happened since Spring 2015. Sorreeeee! You can read about it on the Nine Lives page. BUT here's some news from Late Autumn...
As the autumn draws to a close, it finds our GATA "prowl(ing) 'cross a stage" as she should be! ThaGataNegrra will be gracing the stage at Muchmore's in Brooklyn for an event hosted by Atlanta GA femcee Suni MF Solomon on December 8th! The event is called #MuchMoreThanUsual and features some of the area's strongest female rappers. It happens from 7 pm to 9 pm.
Tha TRUE ORIGINAL GATA will also be heading to the finals of the NY Solo Artist awards in Brooklyn at The Living Room December 22nd! Tix are on sale at Doors are at 7 PM.

Spring 2015
From GATA: “Good news…recording for my next project begins THIS MONTH!! So new music is coming…and I’m excited! I’ll be leaking bits and pieces, and I would love to hear your thoughts as I do!”

GATA will be making an apperance at Newark, NJ's own Fortress of Solitude for their Free Comic Book Day! Come meet her and say "NYAN"... more info on the Nine Lives Page!

Autumn/Winter 2014/2015
ThaGataNegrra is in the running for a nomination in the Womenincharg3 Female Indie Artist Awards! Vote for her here at the bottom of the page!
Hi Hi from NaughtyKittyWorld! The end of the fall season and the start of winter were pretty slow for our GATA, as she regrouped and dug into building the ThaGataNegrra brand...but she has some stuff in store! Expect new and more content on her YouTube Channel, Miau Central! In fact, GATA just released a lyric video for "Anything", which seems to be one of the more popular songs from GATA City! You can view it here!

3 Miles Entertainment has released "GATA City" again to the public since their separation from their former distributor. It can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, and other digital outlets! Yay!

Summer 2014
As we mentioned before, "Like I Do (You Should Dance With Me)" will be in episode 4 of East Los High's second season! It also appears that two more tracks from GATA City will be used in the series as well! And GATA got a nod in the blog of LA Magazine: Four Musical Artists From East Los High You Need To Hear. The excitement is still high as the new season begins--seems to be just as juicy and balls-out as the last season!

Spring 2014
GATA, along with other indie artists, had a hand in helping to establish a new site for musicians called ConcrtMe. The site is for indie acts to get together and book their own shows, and deal directly with club bookers, as well as make the experience easy for fans with purchasing tix and offering incentives for the fans. Over the past few weeks, GATA has had a feature/mini interview on the site's Facebook page; one of the pictures is above. Check out the page and meet all the musicians!

GATA was chosen for the Rude Boy Mixtape Vol. 2! You can hear it here!

GATA was profiled in The Comeback and a Spanish-language blog called XOXO, Richarde. In both interviews, she talks about style, women in mainstream hip-hop, and the ubiquitous Nicki Minaj question. You can read them here and here.
Autumn 2013
....aaaaaand we're back! After taking a bit of a hiatus, GATA is currently writing her next project, and promises it will touch on deeper things than what GATA City reflected. She is also working on shows and a few appearances, TBA. Stay tuned...
Summer 2013
New entries in the GATAmentary series posted to Miau Central: ThaGataNegrra Music! You can see the whole series here.

ThaGataNegrra will be making a last minute appearance at the Palm Street Annual Block Party! This party is one of GATA's faves to play as it emphasizes community and she is always welcomed warmly there. For more information, check here.

Hey from the beautiful month of August--GATA's birthday month! The Drama Class video GATA cameoed in, "Flipped and UN-Ed You", has been released! You can view it here!

Greetings from the month of July! GATA has had a busy month so far, but one of her fave moves this month was dropping a cameo in Drama Class' video for "Flipped and UN-Ed You". Shot on location in Brooklyn NY, it takes place on the subway, and the song is just TIGHT. You can hear it here. Look out for the video soon!
GATA and Peace will be attending the 8th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival in her hometown of Newark, NJ this weekend. If you are there, say hi!
GATA may be seen this fall in a project involving a certain social networking site...details to come!

Happy Summer Solstice! GATA's single "Felinephunk" will be receiving airplay on the podcast The Soupy Gato Show on Thursday, July 5th, 2013. The Soupy Gato Show is a podcast that has the distinction of playing just about every genre you can think of, from all over the world. It ran from 2005 to 2010 and was one of the most popular podcasts on the net. SoupyGato has come back and started his show all over again, and GATA is happy to be featured! Says SoupyGato of GATA: "This SoupyGato digs Tha Gata! Recording today from Sunny Breda (hour south of Amsterdam) and glad to have you in the mix! Mucho amore..."

ThaGataNegrra will be featured on a new music app called ROUSE, available now for iOS! It will be made available on Android in 2 weeks! If you'd like to download ROUSE, you can find ithere for iTunes and here for Google Play!

Spring 2013
Are you ready for summer? GATA will be making a few random appearances in her hometown of Newark, NJ--Brix All Day! She'll be attending the Weequahic Park House Music Festival, and NJPAC's Sounds of the City, just to get out and about and promote, so if you happen to see her, come say hello!

GATA's interview and performance at The Real Radio Show was a hit, and as always G and Peace had fun with Frankie Dee, Mark Mendoza, and Henry K., and met the new additions, Krissy and Danny! GATA gave some advice to a young rapper named T.I.M. and hung out with Frealane, a rock band whose members hail from all over the globe! It was a great time for the feline "repeat offender"! To see the interview, check the
Nine Lives Page!

GATA will be appearing on The Real Radio Show which tapes on Tuesdays in Long Island, NY at 7PM. You can watch a live feed of the show as it’s taping. Watch GATA perform two of her tracks from GATA City! GATA has been a guest on the show before and found it to be one of the most fun performances she’s had so far. We’re sure she’s looking forward to rocking the place again!

The Knockout Kings Emcee Battle was a fierce competition, and GATA enjoyed every minute, even when she got the stares she’s come to expect from those who just don’t get her. Despite last minute judge changes, GATA and her fellow judge Felony Fame managed to pick a victor! Winter/Spring 2013
March 22nd, 2013, GATA will be a judge at the Knockout Kings League Emcee Battle, to be held at Heavy Hitters Boxing Gym in Jersey City, NJ. The brainchild of fellow emcee and AAEHH member iMega, this promises to be an epic ongoing event you don’t want to miss.
Tickets are $10.00 before and $15.00 at the door. For more information, check the event page here on Facebook!

GATA's spring seems to be full of collaborations...needless to say she's very excited and looking forward to putting in the work! Artists from local to global are in talks with our Diosa AniManga. What's in store? Wait and see!
In the works is a video project with photographer and spoken word artist Andrea Dialect...and it's heavy. When it's done you will be first to view it!

Winter 2013
GATA City has been added to Google Play, and other unexpected places! Why not Google and see for yourself? Buy GATA City from the links on the Media page!
GATA has been working on new material, her manga, and new appearances, as well as expanding her brand. Plus, as you can see, has been updated and revamped. We hope you'll like our new look!
Follow GATA on Instagram and Pinterest--she'd love to see you!
It seems that GATA is very convincing, as Unison Phunk Regime member Peace decided not to leave the ranx after all! He joked, "GATA has a mean left hook..."
GATA can be seen in a commercial for Majesty Loft, a beautiful rental space in Montclair, NJ. GATA has been a big fan of the Loft, which is also known as Majesty Ballroom...
Be on the look out for GATA being covered in Footwork Magazine's March issue!

Autumn 2012
THE WAIT IS OVER...ERM...AGAIN! GATA City was released worldwide on iTunes and other digital outlets!
GATA's video for "Like I Do (You Should Dance With Me)" had over 11,000 hits on YouTube until an obvious hater had it pulled!
GATA City is due to be re-released onto iTunes NOVEMBER 6TH, 2012! 3 Miles Entertainment and BrainMuscle Media have teamed up to bring GATA City back out on several digital platforms worldwide...
GATA and UPR are gearing up for yet another turn at the ING NYC Marathon! So much fun was had last year that it just had to happen again....
October 19th, GATA will be lending her voice to A Night To Help The Animals, which is a fundraiser to benefit NYC Teens for Animals...

Summer/Autumn 2012 UPDATES!!!
The video for GATA's "Like I Do" is NOW LIVE!! You can check it out on the Media page or watch it here!

Summer 2012 UPDATES!!!
GATA's video shoot went well. We can't wait for the finished product! Thanx to Majesty Loft and Joseph Lewis for making it happen...and thanx to the cast who turned out so early in the morning to be there! You can see the behind-the-scenes snapshots on ThaGataNegrra's Facebook Page, or follow GATA on Instagram: ThaGataNegrra.
ThaGataNegrra was a featured performer at the Bergen Street Merchants Association Festival in her hometown of Newark, NJ. Of course, she got her fair share of "WTH?!" looks, but was received well. GATA then went on to rock the house at the Palm Street 3rd Annual Block Party--and even got some lucky kids in the act with Unison Phunk Regime!
Be sure to wish GATA a Happy Birthday on August 24th!
Summer 2012 (!!!)
We haven't updated this in a year?! Good grief! Apologies, GNOtaku. Life has been rather hectic, laptops were trashed, files were lost, and OMG. But, we are back on track and expect to make regular updates!
For full details see the "Miaus" page, but 3 Miles Entertainment, the powerhouse behind "GATA City", has joined forces with BrainmuscleMedia and are re-releasing "GATA City" soon! It will be available again on iTunes and other digital retailers then. It will be promoted with GATA's first video for the infectious "Like I Do (You Should Dance With Me)", which you can also expect soon!
GATA has finally found a new dancer: he comes in the form of 3D, a dynamic and energetic guy who fits right into the Unsion Phunk Regime of GATACorps. We are very happy to have him.
This site will undergo quite a few changes in the coming months. We know you all have been wondering where the GoreGoddyss pics are, already! As GATA is focusing more on her music and less on modelling, the project fell by the wayside. But there will be more in store than just pic sets for you to look at. Nope! We're not telling-- you'll just have to wait!
GATA has formed a collective: The Alliance for Alternative and Eclectic Hip-Hop (AAEHH). It features members from all across the US and is aimed at covering all four elements of the hip-hop culture, not just the music. Plans are in the works for a compliation mixtape while the group expands. Stay tuned...

Summer 2011
You can purchase it from iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp,, and other digital retailers! If you'd like a physical copy, you may order it atBandcamp, and a package with an EXCLUSIVE ThaGataNegrra shirt is also available for purchase at Bandcamp! You can also buy it from the widget here on the Media page!

GREAT NEWS! "GATA City" is now available for preorder! You can snag it in digital or preorder a physical copy from GATA's Bandcamp by clicking here or by going to the banner on theMedia pages! Digital copy contains a little something extra...<3...Will be offering a package with a T-Shirt only available with THIS particular download! Official release is still on 8-24-11! Available thru iTunes,, and other digital retailers!

GATA is still rehearsing and getting ready for shows to coincide with the release of GATA City. A release party is planned, and giveaways will be a go! Keep checking back for updates...

Spring/Summer 2011
As GATA gears up for summer, be on the lookout for the release of GATA City, the debut from ThaGataNegrra for 3 Miles Entertainment! (Yeh, we know-- delays, delays! Release date is look familiar to anyone? LOL
With release dates come listening parties...and giveaways! Stay tuned for further details...

Spring 2011
Hey, all, how's it hangin'? GATA has finally finished her debut CD! It'll be out this spring, and it's called "GATA City". To promote it, GATA will be doing some shows...will one of them be in your area? You never know!

Check GATA's Miaus to keep up-to-date on current happenings--like the Gore Goddyss™ Gallery going up...? Yup--could be soon!

Autumn 2010
It's been awhile, and we have a lotta news. GATA is currently working on her debut album! She's been hard at work in the Darkroom, getting developed and coming up the infectious sound you know her for!
If you've been keeping up with GATA's Miaus, you know that she's welcomed a new addition to her brood and has been very busy getting used to being a rocking maternal unit a second time over...
There was a new slogan chosen for GataNegrraotaku: "Feline Legion". We like it--how about you?
In the works are some live appearances--guerrilla style (GATA wouldn't have it any other way!), so keep a weather eye on the horizon for those!
If you're a producer, head over to GATA's Miaus blog and find out how you can be a part of GATA's music project!

Spring 2010
Hey-- how was your winter? Things are heating up this spring and it looks like GATA may also have a busy summer... shows and appearances abound. Updates will be posted, and a winner for the GNOtaku Slogan Contest will be announced soon!

Autumn 2009
What's up yawl? Time for updates...Tha TRUE ORIGINAL GATA is gearing up her geekiness for a horror project...unlike anything she's done before! We promise you won't be disappointed...

GATA can be found on Jango.comand MySpace Music. Stop by and visit her!

Summer 2009
Hey, everyone, quite a few updates. GATA's got an interview with Claws Bared: Yet Another Horror Interview Blog, which can be seen here. Also, if you're in the Newark, NJ area, come out to Washington Park and see GATA perform her songs live and in living pink/violet! See the Punk Rhyma page for details...
GATA is also in the Rock The Space contest on MySpace! Check out her MySpace music page or the Punk Rhyma page to grab the widget, and join her over at ReverbNation!

March 2009
Greetings, all...Miss GATA's gotta sweet interview at Fixe Magazine this month! I spill a few can check it out here!

Autumn 2008
Hey everyone, it's Miss GATA, coming to you with updates. I'm working on some music right now...and may actually leak some to a select few of you to sample! I'm also taking a whole buncha pictures for you, in all my different facets. I'll be offering hard copies of them on the swag page, so keep a weather eye on the horizon, okay?


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